SIEMENS Medical CT Scanner

The SIEMENS Somatom AS+ 128 medical CT Scanner has been equipped since 2019 with new Stellar detectors and a new ADMIRE reconstruction algorithm. It is the sole CT scanner mounted on rails for non-medical research purposes in Canada. Its sliding gantry enables the scanner to move along the sample instead of moving the sample inside the scanner, allowing more flexibility in sample size and weight. Its maximum resolution is 100 x 100 x 400 µm, and it can scan at five different energy levels, ranging from 70 to 140 kV. For more information on the samples analyzed in this laboratory, see the Research fields page.

In addition to its large volume (70 cm diameter) and heavy weight (450 kg) capacity, the CT scanner can make 3D measurements in real time that can be used to monitor changes within a sample or a physical model (hydraulic flow through porous materials, for example). Its overhead cranes, high capacity drains, forklift, and freedom from the constraints of hospital environments make long and complex experiments possible.