The µCT is also able to do kinetic scans to monitor changes inside a sample. It is equipped with a large detector enabling fast image acquisition to track rapid changes. The acquisition and reconstruction software are specially designed to do these measurements. The µCT comes equipped with an in-situ analysis module, enabling simple installation and connection of other scientific instruments inside the cabinet, or installation of detectors inside and connecting them to outside controllers. Other experimental equipment can be added inside the µCT cabinet:

  • An environmental chamber to control both temperature and humidity of samples.
  • A triaxial device to determine the mechanical parameters of soils and characterize their behaviour.
  • A high pressure titanium box to reproduce deep soil conditions.

For more information on the µCT or any other equipment, please check the Other equipment Other equipmentpage.

Treatment and storage of CT data

New computing facilities have also been added with this new equipment:

  • Two new computation stations (64 GB RAM) for advanced processing of CT data.
  • A large server for storage (up to 1.2 PB of data).
  • A high-speed network (10 Gb/s).
  • Image analysis and visualization software.