A new direction at the CT-Scan Lab

Pierre FrancusThe Multidisciplinary Laboratory of CT-Scan for Non-Medical Use has a new director in the person of Professor Pierre Francus. The latter is particularly interested in lake and marine sediments in order to
reconstruct the paleoclimate and paleoenvironment. Professor Francus is also a member of GEOTOP (Centre for Research in geochemistry and geodynamics) and the Centre for Northern Studies (CEN), as well as
an active participant in various international projects and groups, such as IGBP – PAGES (Past Global Changes) varve working Group, PASADO (Potrok Aike Lake Sediment Archive Drilling Project) and ICDP
(International Continental Drilling Program).

Professor Bernard Long, who retired a few weeks ago after a very busy career, continue however to participate in scientific activities as an honorary professor.